Cheap Things to Do Virginia Beach

Looking to have a great time in Virginia Beach without breaking the bank? You’re in luck! Virginia Beach offers a myriad of affordable and exciting activities for visitors and locals alike. From sunny beach days to exploring local parks, museums, and other attractions, there’s no shortage of budget-friendly entertainment options.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the best cheap things to do in Virginia Beach, including:

  • Free beach access points
  • Beach sports
  • Public parks and gardens
  • Nature trails
  • Free museum entry days
  • Local fairs and markets
  • Outdoor events
  • And more!

So, put on your sunscreen and get ready to make the most of your time in Virginia Beach without emptying your wallet. Let’s dive in and explore the abundance of affordable fun that awaits in #VisitVaBeach!

Cheap Things to Do in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach offers an array of affordable and enjoyable activities suitable for families and individuals seeking budget-friendly summer fun.

From the pristine beaches and free outdoor concerts to the family-friendly parks and scenic hiking trails, there are numerous low-cost and free experiences to enjoy.

Families can spend quality time creating sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, or simply basking in the sunshine without breaking the bank. For thrill-seekers, Virginia Beach also offers free fishing and crabbing opportunities along the city’s pier and shorelines.

Beach Activities

Exploring the beach activities in Virginia Beach presents an ideal opportunity for families to bask in the sun and indulge in summer adventures by the sea.

Free Beach Access Points

Discovering the free beach access points in Virginia Beach allows families to relish the pristine shoreline without worrying about additional expenses, making it an ideal budget-friendly choice for vacations.

Virginia Beach offers several free beach access points, including Little Island Park, 42nd Street at the Oceanfront, Chic’s Beach, and Sandbridge Beach. These locations provide ample amenities such as restrooms, picnic areas, and playgrounds, catering to families with diverse preferences.

The family-friendly atmosphere at these free beach access points ensures a safe and enjoyable environment for children, promoting a memorable and cost-effective beach experience for all visitors.

Beach Sports and Recreation

Engaging in beach sports and recreational activities in Virginia Beach offers an exciting blend of summer fun and family-friendly adventures, catering to diverse interests and age groups. Find the best cheap things to do in Virginia Beach to make the most of your visit.

From volleyball and sandcastle contests to surfing and paddleboarding, Virginia Beach provides a captivating array of beach sports that entice both seasoned enthusiasts and beginners. Families can bond over friendly games of beach volleyball or enjoy the thrill of learning to catch waves together. Individuals seeking relaxation can partake in yoga on the beach or take peaceful walks along the scenic shoreline.

With plenty of rental facilities and expert instructors, Virginia Beach ensures that everyone can partake in joyful recreational activities regardless of their skill level. The lively beachfront atmosphere and picturesque sunset views make it an ideal destination for summer fun and creating cherished family memories.

Park Exploration

Embarking on park exploration in Virginia Beach unveils a wealth of natural beauty and wildlife encounters, providing an enriching and refreshing experience for families seeking outdoor adventures.

Public Parks and Gardens

Exploring the public parks and gardens in Virginia Beach offers families an idyllic setting to revel in nature’s beauty, observe wildlife, and partake in leisurely strolls amidst breathtaking landscapes.

Virginia Beach is home to several stunning public parks and gardens that are perfect for family outings. One of the popular choices is the First Landing State Park, which boasts diverse wildlife and picturesque trails. Another gem is the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, where families can immerse themselves in the wonders of the marine world.

For a relaxed day out, Mount Trashmore Park offers expansive green spaces and recreational facilities for leisurely strolls or picnics. These parks provide a serene escape for families to connect with nature and create cherished memories.

Nature Trails and Walking Paths

Navigating the nature trails and walking paths in Virginia Beach presents an invigorating opportunity for families to immerse themselves in the natural splendor and encounter diverse wildlife, fostering an enriching outdoor experience for all.

Whether you’re seeking a leisurely stroll or an invigorating hike, Virginia Beach’s nature trails offer a diverse range of experiences. From the tranquil landscapes of First Landing State Park to the rugged beauty of False Cape State Park, families can explore scenic coastal vistas, lush woodlands, and pristine beaches. These family-friendly trails cater to all levels of fitness, making them accessible to everyone.

As you wander along the paths, keep an eye out for deer, foxes, and various bird species that call these habitats home, providing unforgettable wildlife encounters.

Exploring Local Museums

Embarking on a journey to explore local museums in Virginia Beach offers families an enriching and affordable means to delve into art, history, and interactive exhibits, creating memorable summer experiences for all.

Free Museum Entry Days

Taking advantage of free museum entry days in Virginia Beach allows families to enjoy cultural exploration without spending money, offering an educational and budget-friendly option for summer excursions.

On these special days, visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history and diverse art that Virginia Beach has to offer. From the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, families can discover a wide range of exhibitions and interactive displays. The free entry days often align with family-friendly events, making it an ideal opportunity for parents and children to bond while learning about the world around them. Plan your visit to coincide with these days to make the most of your summer outings in a cost-effective way.

Interactive Museum Exhibits

Engaging with interactive museum exhibits in Virginia Beach captivates families with immersive and educational experiences, fostering an enjoyable and stimulating summer journey through art, history, and science.

Exploring the museums in Virginia Beach, families encounter hands-on activities that bring history to life and allow visitors to delve deep into captivating narratives. From interactive displays showcasing the region’s maritime heritage to science-themed exhibits that spark curiosity and critical thinking, these cultural attractions offer a wealth of opportunities for engaging exploration.

Parents and children alike can marvel at life-size replicas, delve into hands-on experiments, and participate in educational workshops, creating shared memories while broadening their knowledge. The family-friendly atmosphere and diverse range of activities make these museums perfect destinations for an enriching and entertaining day out in Virginia Beach.

Other Affordable Attractions

Discovering the array of affordable attractions in Virginia Beach presents families with diverse options for summer entertainment, ensuring an enjoyable and budget-conscious vacation experience for all.

Local Fairs and Markets

Participating in local fairs and markets in Virginia Beach immerses families in a vibrant tapestry of community culture and affordable summer delights, creating memorable experiences for all ages.

As families wander through the Virginia Beach fairs and markets, they can expect to encounter a delightful array of local artisan crafts, mouthwatering culinary delights, and live entertainment that promises fun for everyone. The community events showcase the region’s diverse flavors, from fresh seafood to tantalizing barbecue, and offer a plethora of activities suitable for all budgets.

The markets offer a prime opportunity for families to engage with local vendors and support small businesses while enjoying an enriching and budget-conscious summer outing.

Outdoor Events and Festivals

Partaking in outdoor events and festivals in Virginia Beach offers families an exciting array of budget-friendly entertainment, featuring a diverse range of cultural celebrations and summer activities for all to enjoy.

From the vibrant Latin Fest to the lively American Music Festival, the Virginia Beach calendar is brimming with events that showcase the city’s rich cultural tapestry. Families can immerse themselves in the rhythmic beats of ethnic music, savor diverse cuisines, and witness colorful traditional performances.

The expansive boardwalk serves as a picturesque backdrop for these community celebrations, creating a festive and inclusive atmosphere.


For unforgettable family vacations filled with summer fun and budget-friendly adventures, #VisitVaBeach stands as the perfect guide to explore the best of Virginia Beach’s attractions and experiences.

With miles of sandy beaches and plenty of outdoor activities, Virginia Beach offers an array of experiences for families to enjoy. From dolphin watching tours to thrilling water sports, there’s something for everyone.

The iconic Virginia Beach boardwalk is perfect for leisurely strolls and trying local treats, while the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center provides an educational yet entertaining experience.

For those seeking budget-conscious options, the city offers free concerts, festivals, and events throughout the summer. Families can also take advantage of affordable accommodations and dining options, making it an ideal destination for a memorable yet affordable vacation.

Virginia Beach Vacation Guide

The Virginia Beach Vacation Guide is a comprehensive resource designed to assist families in planning budget-friendly and enjoyable summer vacations, offering insights into the best attractions and activities suited for all ages.

From pristine beaches to vibrant boardwalks, this guide showcases a myriad of family-friendly activities and accommodations, ensuring that every moment spent in Virginia Beach is both memorable and affordable.

With detailed information on local events, dining options, and outdoor adventures, families can easily navigate their trip, creating a hassle-free and unforgettable vacation experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cheap things to do in Virginia Beach?

There are many affordable activities in Virginia Beach, such as visiting the boardwalk, exploring the First Landing State Park, and going on a dolphin watching tour.

How much does it cost to visit Virginia Beach?

The cost of visiting Virginia Beach can vary depending on your activities and accommodations. However, there are many free or inexpensive things to do, making it a budget-friendly destination.

Where can I find cheap accommodations in Virginia Beach?

You can find affordable hotels and motels along the boardwalk or in the nearby town of Norfolk. Airbnb and vacation rentals are also great options for budget-friendly accommodations.

Is parking expensive in Virginia Beach?

Parking in Virginia Beach can be expensive, especially during peak season. However, there are some free parking spots available, such as at the Oceanfront Parking Garage. It’s also worth looking into public transportation options.

What are some free activities in Virginia Beach?

There are plenty of free things to do in Virginia Beach, such as visiting the Virginia Beach Farmers Market, going on a self-guided tour of the Naval Aviation Museum, and watching the sunset at Sandbridge Beach.

Where can I find cheap eats in Virginia Beach?

There are many affordable dining options in Virginia Beach, from food trucks along the boardwalk to local favorites like Taste Unlimited. You can also save money by packing a picnic and enjoying a meal on the beach.

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