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Welcome to the ultimate guide to Virginia Beach parking! In this comprehensive article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about parking in Virginia Beach, including management and regulations, peak pricing, parking options, and specific details about municipal parking lots, parking garages, meters, handicap access, monthly parking, hotel and restaurant parking, as well as parking for events, local attractions, and recommendations.

Whether you’re a local looking for the best parking spots or a visitor seeking insider tips, this article has you covered. So, let’s dive into the complete Virginia Beach parking information without further ado.

Virginia Beach Parking Information

Virginia Beach, also known as the Resort City, offers a plethora of parking options to accommodate the influx of visitors to its stunning beaches, historical attractions, and vibrant local commerce.

Visitors to Virginia Beach have access to a variety of parking facilities and management options. The city provides municipal lots, garages, metered parking, and on-street parking to ensure convenience for individuals exploring attractions like the iconic Virginia Beach Boardwalk, the fascinating Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, or attending popular events such as the Neptune Festival.

These diverse options cater to different needs, whether its short-term parking for a quick beach visit or long-term parking for leisurely exploration of the city’s amenities.

Overview of Parking in Virginia Beach

The parking landscape in Virginia Beach encompasses a range of options, catering to the diverse needs of visitors exploring the Oceanfront, historical sites, and local commerce.

Parking Management and Regulations

The management of parking in Virginia Beach encompasses regulations, enforcement of turnover spaces, and the integration of modern payment solutions such as mobile pay apps and residential parking permits.

Regulations in Virginia Beach ensure that parking spaces are utilized efficiently to accommodate the high demand for parking in popular areas. Turnover space enforcement plays a crucial role in preventing long-term parking in high-traffic zones, allowing more visitors to access the facilities. The use of metered parking further promotes turnover by incentivizing shorter stays and discouraging all-day parking.

The integration of mobile pay apps offers convenience to drivers, allowing them to pay for parking right from their smartphones. This not only reduces the reliance on physical meters but also expedites the payment process, contributing to smoother traffic flow and enhanced user experience. Residents are also provided with residential parking permits to ensure they have priority in designated areas, balancing the needs of both visitors and locals.

Peak Parking Pricing

During peak times and events, parking pricing in Virginia Beach may exhibit variability, influenced by factors such as seasonal events, the use of the VB Go App, and the proximity to attractions along Atlantic Avenue and the Chesapeake Bay.

When major events or festivities unfold in Virginia Beach, the demand for parking surges, leading to an uptick in parking prices. The utilization of the VB Go App further influences the dynamics of parking rates, allowing visitors to check real-time availability and pricing, contributing to the fluctuation in prices.

The proximity to renowned locations like the lively Atlantic Avenue and the picturesque Chesapeake Bay plays a significant role in determining parking prices, with prime locations often commanding higher rates due to heightened demand.

Parking Options

Visitors to Virginia Beach can access a variety of parking options, including municipal lots, garages, metered parking, on-street parking, and the convenience of parking passes for the City’s garages and surface lots.

Virginia Beach offers a comprehensive parking system to accommodate the diverse needs of residents and tourists.

The municipal lots provide ample space for long-term parking and are strategically located near popular attractions and beaches, making them convenient for extended visits.

Garages, equipped with modern amenities and security features, offer a secure and sheltered option for parking. They are ideal for visitors looking for peace of mind while enjoying the city.

Metered parking, available in high-traffic areas, provides short-term parking solutions for quick stops or brief outings, ensuring easy access to shops, restaurants, and attractions.

On-street parking, situated along bustling streets, grants easy access to various establishments and public spaces, catering to individuals seeking quick and convenient parking options.

For frequent visitors and residents, the availability of parking passes for the City’s garages and surface lots presents a cost-effective and hassle-free parking solution, allowing for easy entry and exit without the need for daily payments.

Fixed Rate Municipal Parking Lots

The fixed-rate municipal parking lots in Virginia Beach provide convenient and affordable parking solutions for visitors exploring the Oceanfront, beaches, attractions, events, and local commerce.

Variable Rate Parking Garages

The variable-rate parking garages in Virginia Beach offer flexible parking solutions for visitors frequenting the Oceanfront, attractions, restaurants, shops, and events, catering to varying parking durations and needs.

Parking Meters

The presence of parking meters in Virginia Beach, along with the option for mobile pay apps, enhances the accessibility and turnover of parking spaces, supporting the vitality of local commerce and on-street parking convenience.

Handicap Access Parking

Virginia Beach prioritizes handicap access parking by providing designated spaces and accommodations to ensure accessibility and convenience for individuals with mobility challenges.

Monthly Parking Options

Monthly parking options in Virginia Beach, including parking passes for the City’s garages, surface lots, and residential parking, offer long-term convenience and accessibility for residents and frequent visitors.

Hotel Parking Facilities

The hotel parking facilities in Virginia Beach, particularly at the Oceanfront establishments such as the Sandcastle Resort and Surfbreak Oceanfront Hotel, prioritize guest convenience and offer essential amenities for visitors.

Restaurant Parking

The availability of restaurant parking in Virginia Beach enhances the accessibility of popular dining destinations such as Fire Brew, Tautog’s, and Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen, complementing the vibrant local cuisine and dining experiences.

Events and Parking

During events and attractions at locations such as Rudee Loop, First Landing State Park, the Sandler Center, and the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Museum, parking options and turnover spaces are strategically managed by the Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau to accommodate visitors.

Local Attractions and Parking

The parking facilities near prominent attractions in Virginia Beach, including Atlantic Avenue, Croatan Beach, Little Island Park, the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp, and the historical significance of Lesner Bridge, ensure convenient access for visitors exploring these diverse locales.

Parking Recommendations

For optimal parking experiences in Virginia Beach, efficient utilization of metered parking, turnover spaces, the VB Go App, and the acquisition of parking passes is recommended, supported by the Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau for the benefit of local commerce and visitors alike.

Visitor Parking Tips

Visitors to Virginia Beach can enhance their parking experiences by utilizing mobile pay apps, exploring the convenience of the City’s garages, and accessing dedicated parking facilities near Sandbridge Beach, Chesapeake Bay, and the Oceanfront, contributing to the support of local commerce.

Parking Newsletter Signup

The parking newsletter signup in Virginia Beach offers a valuable channel for receiving updates, promotions, and event-related parking information, contributing to the support and convenience of local commerce and visitors, courtesy of the Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parking options in Virginia Beach?

There are various parking options available in Virginia Beach, including street parking, parking garages, parking lots, and valet services.

Do I need to pay for parking in Virginia Beach?

Yes, most parking spots in Virginia Beach require payment. However, there are some areas that offer free parking, such as certain street parking spots and select parking lots.

How much does parking cost in Virginia Beach?

The cost of parking in Virginia Beach varies depending on the location and time of day. Street parking can range from $1 to $2 per hour, while parking garages and lots typically charge a daily rate of around $8 to $10.

Can I use a credit card to pay for parking in Virginia Beach?

Yes, most parking spots in Virginia Beach accept credit cards as a form of payment. However, it is always a good idea to have some cash on hand in case a parking spot does not accept credit cards.

Where can I find accessible parking in Virginia Beach?

Accessible parking spots can be found in various locations throughout Virginia Beach, including parking garages, lots, and designated street parking spots. These spots are reserved for individuals with disabilities and require a valid handicap parking permit.

What are the parking regulations in Virginia Beach?

Parking regulations in Virginia Beach may vary depending on the location. Generally, parking is not allowed in fire lanes, on sidewalks, or in front of fire hydrants. Be sure to check for any posted signs or restrictions before parking your vehicle.

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